Schoolboys wear OFF-SHOULDER tops after 20+ girls sent home for ‘SEXIST’ dress code

Can your dress define whether you’re fit to be taught in school? Believe it or not, one such incident left many appalled in California, US, when 20 girls were sent back home from San Benito High School for wearing off-shoulder tops. The girls were told that they were found to be disobeying the school’s code of conduct. Clarifying their stance, the school reportedly said that it had issues with girls wearing ‘revealing’ clothes because they wanted to “keep the kids safe”. But, the bizarre rule has left many students bewildered and has been termed “sheer sexism”.

To avenge the unfair decision, a group of boys decided to step up and came to school the next day clad in the same kind of off-shoulder tops that the girls were sent home for. Their protest to stand up for the girls has been breaking the Internet ever since and people can’t stop lauding them for the brave initiative. A girl, whose Twitter handle is @chadya_acosta, shared a series of tweets with pictures and captioned it: “thank you to everyone who participated today!”

Here are some reactions on Twitter that you just can’t miss.

When asked about their reaction after the rule was superimposed on students, a student – on condition of anonymity – told Yahoo Style, “I don’t understand what they are keeping us safe from. I really don’t think that there is someone dumb enough to pull down a shirt first of all — they have no right to touch me or anyone else at all. I mean, there is no point in that. They are focusing on the less important things here.”

Later on, the school posted an official notice on its Facebook account too, saying that the dress code was to avoid any possible humiliating incident for students and also prepare them for the future, in terms of career and interviews. The notice also said the rule against wearing strapless and tube tops had existed for quite a while.

The school’s principal Adrian Ramirez also told the website that “the recent events regarding the off-the-shoulder shirts have offered some major teachable moments for the entire SBHS community.”

This is not the first time that such a protest has happened with regard to a school’s dress code. Earlier in June, a bunch of schoolboys in England wore skirts to school when they were told that they could not wear shorts during peak summer.