Shah Rukh Khan to Sonam Kapoor: Celebrities who spoke about airport fashion trend

Bollywood celebrities are often spotted at the Mumbai airport, bustling between cities for their film or personal commitments. While at times it is their companions – beaus, girlfriends or families, that catch our attention, other times it is also is their fashionable attire. There are a number of stars who make sure their fashion game is on point even while setting out on long trips, others, on the other hand, are known to pick comfort over anything else. A few celebrities have shared their views about this latest trend of looking their glamorous best even while jetting through time zones.
Let’s take a look at what they have said…

Shah Rukh Khan doesn’t understand the hue and cry over airport fashion

Shah Rukh Khan, who likes to look presentable when he makes a public appearance, has a different view on ‘airport looks’. In an interview, he admitted that he didn’t understand the hue and cry over airport fashion revealing that his team once stopped him from wearing the same cargo thrice. Elaborating his views the actor said that he is more comfortable in normal clothing while travelling and there shouldn’t be an issue. SRK pointed out that everyone should have the liberty of wearing what is comfortable to him or her, irrespective of being a celebrity.

Kajol thinks airport fashion is “idiotic”

Trust ‘Dilwale’ actress, Kajol to call a spade a spade. In a recent interview with Bombay times, the star had expressed her disgust with the trend, calling it “idiotic”. She said, “I hate airport looks. It’s idiotic. It’s ridiculous to look perfect all the time. I am not walking in heels with perfect lipstick. After long flights, everyone looks like they survived a calamity. It’s fine.” She went on to add, “Actors have dehumanised themselves. We hold ourselves to these impossible standards because we’ve created them. Looking a certain way is an issue we’ve created. I wear regular stuff, clothes which are comfortable. It’s not airport fashion. It’s what normal people wear. I can’t wear stilettos while travelling. Flats were created for a reason. What is size zero? I don’t understand it. I can’t allow critics to pressure me.”

Sonam Kapoor says she likes being left alone at the airport

The fashionista of Bollywood, Sonam Kapoor also had an opinion of her own when quizzed about airport fashion. The actress, who loves looking her fashionable best at all times, admitted that she doesn’t like when shutterbugs click her at the airport. In an interview, she had once said that she wouldn’t call the paparazzi when she is on a personal outing. And like other actors, she too likes being left alone when at the airport. We all know that Sonam has refined the trend of airport looks but the actress said that she is not going to take credit for her looks at the airport.

Kareena Kapoor Khan asks why celebs can’t dress up like normal human beings

Kareena Kapoor Khan, who is comfortable getting clicked at the airport, recently admitted that the concept of ‘airport fashion’ irks her. In a recent interaction, Bebo asked why celebrities can’t dress up like normal human beings and why they should be their stylish best always. Moreover, she said that the media should allow celebrities to dress down in a pair of jeans and tees. She further said that the airport styling trend has evolved and that everyone is now forced to follow it.

Arjun Kapoor says celebs should have the liberty to wear what they want at the airport

For Arjun Kapoor, being comfortable is stylish. The actor has said that he feels one cannot wear certain clothes just to please someone and not be comfortable in it. Refusing to follow the trend, the actor said he will always pick comfort over wearing clothes which are not his style. He further said that celebrities know that there are shutterbugs waiting to click them and they have to be presentable, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be perfect all the time. Questioning why stars have to wear uncomfortable clothes while travelling, Arjun said that they should have the liberty to wear what they want.


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