US clears New H-1B visa rules will not affect on Indian IT companies, says Nasscom

BENGALURU: The Indian IT Industry body Nasscom on Tuesday said the decision of Donald Trump to resume H-1B premium processing for specific domains would not have any impact on Indian IT companies.

“As of now, the premium processing of H-1B is being continued for specific cap-exempt cases like advanced education, not-for profit companies, and the preferences. Our member companies do not apply for this visa,” said Shivendra Singh, representative for Nasscom.

“Having said that, despite the fact that this would not have any effect on the sector, we consider this as a good indication of progress being made by the US Citizenship and USCIS (Immigration Services) in restoring the premium processing for everyone”.

H-1B is a non-immigrant visa that permits US companies to employ foreign talent in areas that require theoretical or technical expertise in specialized fields. The standard method for H-1B visa processing can take about 30 days for the immigration services to react. With this premium processing, a company can pay more to know within 15 days if a prospective employee is eligible for the visa.

The US on Sunday said it will continue the premium processing for specific cap-exempt H-1B visa applications, which it had suspended temporarily after US President Donald Trump signed an official order in April to toughen the H1 B visa rules to stop visa misuses. The H-1B visa premium processing proves to be useful for Indian IT organizations who send their employees to work onsite at client locations which is famous among Indian IT experts.